Real Bleachbright Reviews From Real Users

As you probably already know bleachbright home whitening system has numerous whitening products but in this review we will go over Bleach Bright Home or Salon Teeth Whitening Kit. This is their flagship product which gives you the most bang for your buck. In this review I will outline both the pros and the con of this particular whitening kit as well as provide reviews of other individuals who use the product. This is a 100% unbiased review showing both the positive and the negative side of this product. This site is dedicated to providing 100% bleachbright reviews on all related products.

Does Bleachbright Work?

Before we get into the review we want to address the most obvious question, does bleach bright work? The answer to this question is yes and there’s one specific reason why bleach bright products work and that’s due to the active whitening agent which is hydrogen peroxide (more on this later).

Pros of Using This Product

  • Uses hydrogen peroxide
  • No bleaching trays necessary
  • Can use it in conjunction with tanning

Cons of Using This Product

  • No guaranteed refund.
  • No reconstruction gel

Below I will go in depth and break down the mentioned points above:

Use of Hydrogen peroxide

For those of you that are new to teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide is the most effective whitening agent on the market to date. Just about every dentist uses hydrogen peroxide for in office treatments because of its effectiveness and how quickly it works. This is the sole reason why this product work.

No bleaching trays necessary

Another point that I listed above was that this particular product does not require any use of bleaching trays. Some people simply don’t like to use bleaching trays for whatever reason and if that’s the case with you then this particular bleachbright product would be great. Instead of using bleaching trays this product comes with hydrogen peroxide in somewhat of a nail polish type bottle. You simply paint the hydrogen peroxide on your teeth and follow the instructions given. This makes things less messy and also makes it able for you to whiten your teeth in any location that has a mirror.

Use it in conjunction with tanning

Because this particular product does not use any bleaching trays it’s perfect for tanning use which is another added benefit of this product. If you are a person that likes to tan be it on the beach or using high-powered tanning beds, the light from these tanning beds works great for teeth whitening. This is primarily the reason why there are no bleaching trays included with this product and also why you apply this product directly to your teeth. It allows for more flexibility to use it in different situations such as tanning.

No guaranteed refund

Now one of the downsides that I illustrated above was the fact that this product does not come with a moneyback guaranteed. So when purchasing this kit one thing you should know is that all sales are final so you’re essentially taking a gamble on whether it’ll work for you are not.

No reconstruction gel

The second pitfall of this product is the fact that it doesn’t come with any enamel reconstruction gel. This is highly recommended when you’re using any teeth whitening product or procedure that uses hydrogen peroxide. It helps prevent any damage being done to your enamel but unfortunately this product is not included. Even though it’s not really necessary it would be great if it was included.

Bleachbright Teeth Whitening Reviews from Normal Customers

Below I will post some screen captures of real reviews from various people across multiple websites so you can see firsthand what other users have to say about this particular bleachbright teeth whitening product:

So Is It Worth it?

Only you can answer that question, I provided the information that you need to know about this product so you can make an informed decision. If this product has qualities that you want in a teeth whitening product and I highly recommend you purchase it but if not, then there are several different products on the market you can try.