Is Products Like Bleachbright Really Necessary

Of the eligible tree for LJ which is bordering on brilliant I never even seen that before Freeman like abrasion Bravo imperfection whitening products poly profiles and drift compost trips Integra post bleachbright. Honestly I’m exhausted I could allow me out’s arm killed but Jason brought the recent you to do that doing is honestly sure that you have 1 million brands into a ton of people are the guys. That only I use that but a lot of the I don’t realize that is premier so that’s correct so tell me about that I want to hear about that from the CEO is that a frustration is that a problem you. Want to change that on here everything else is very exciting challenge and it ‘something that we realized as well you are talking about kind of in my taking over and what I wanted to one. Of the domain things that I’m doing and you’ll see this when you come to Chicago is a really realigning the brand restructuring the brand in the marketing around that so a lot of new systems.

In marketing automation and CRM in different messaging in different outlets and things like that and we didn’t come to this realization and for us it’s kind of like an LIC or a zoology major cellular. Unit may say no when you’re in the zoo we don’t really recognize you know that the things that are going on so we always thought of course everybody knows premier we’ve been around bleachbright. For so long we have all of these one thing that I found really just almost as an observer teeth whitening one thing that oppresses me so much about premier is that we have market-leading products that are legacy. Products 40 or 50 years old RC prep hematite for example and we have is a RC prep or humid that the liquid to ever below I have gone on and on and on I just and you are right I’m listening. I didn’t get to the end of the first to exhausted honestly on so you have market-leading brands like and or 40 or 50 years old and then we have market-leading brands that are in a brand-new.

Like truck accident or you know 10 years old like and are proud on that were coming out with new renovations that we expect also to be market-leading so that I think this is one thing that’s really amazing bleachbright. about premier and you are talking about you know the longevity to be able to have the vision of the needs of the marketplace and to develop or create partnerships with other companies. To provide that technology the marketplaces teeth whitening is very rewarding and allows us to continue doing what were doing but we yes there was a sense as I am associate an opportunity to capitalize. On the premier brand in addition to just need a product names because you are getting that if you if we would say to someone on in this happened actually only recently and I know you’re.

Animal lover about two years ago I got dogs we never had dogs okay so it’s a whole new world when you have dogs and now you know people in the neighborhood the union before I sell line. A couple of months ago Molly’s owner you never know that person to always come back to the Molly’s owner comes over and I’m talking to him and he’s and the list and I said okay permit. Recently when I started naming the brand because I like and of course you and I will is a further reinforcement of the fact that there is so much more that we can do here and that’s what were. Building and that’s what were doing while I think that there’s a lot of Dennis will find products they like and in their happy to generalize because they don’t want to have to look that hard. If they’ve got a product that really is working form and does great job they so if they’re using a product from a company in this company has other products they’re going to be prone to look.

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